The COVID-19 outbreak across the world has embedded citizens to follow strict hygiene and social distancing. Furthermore, countries announced complete lockdown as a precautionary measure. Coronavirus cases have reached the mark of 6.20mn worldwide with more than 3,79,000 deaths. Some countries are recovering with an outstanding decrease in the number of cases, whilst some are still struggling with the fatal virus. Although India announced one of the most stringent lockdowns in the world, the cases are increasing on a daily basis. India has recorded more than 2 lakh cases with deaths crossing 5,000. With many different steps taken to ensure the safety of citizens, PPE kits at airports will be soon available for travellers.  

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Economy Of India Severely Affected

The global economy weakened as the pandemic largely impacted the cease of industries and services. The lockdown has caused the world to dip into a monstrous recession for the coming years. With the immense urge to return back to normalcy, few countries have kick-started work with safety gear and social distancing. India too has decided to restore the economic foundation with such types of protective equipment. Indian economy is likely to witness a 4.5% de-growth and governments look forward to starting the industries with 10% work strength post 8th of June’2020

Stranded Migrants

COVID-19 has left millions stranded in India with few travel options at the traveller’s risk. But due to the high number of Indians all around the world wanting to come to their home-land, precautionary plans on re-opening the economy with regulatory air travel has begun in the lockdown 5.0. Road & rail also get smoother travel norms for inter and intrastate stranded migrants. All the zones categorized as red, orange, and green zones compulsorily need to follow the government instructions.

Trains and buses are boarding a limited number of people to maintain social distancing. But the aviation sector could not afford to do the same, perhaps, few renowned airlines are in the process of increasing the flight fares. Due to the complete cessation of work, citizens have not received their salaries and it would be arduous to increase ticket prices during the distressing situation of COVID-19.

AAI Guidelines and Regulations

Undoubtedly, the AAI (Airports Authority of India) choose to focus on the safety of travelling citizens. AAI made PPE kits mandatory for all the airlines who resume their flights in the month of June. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will now be available at airports across India. Many airports like Pune, Amritsar, Patna, and Coimbatore have already started selling PPE kits at respective airports.

Moreover, AAI has laid strict price regulations. The PPE kits cannot be sold for unreasonable rates. Airports have to maintain price systems and sell the PPE’s at MRP (Market Retail Price) without any violation. All the prices must display the rates at the shops in full public view for authorities as well the travellers.

India – Second Largest PPE Manufacturer

The PPE shops will be set up at the check-up points, departure areas, or the city-side of the airports. However, it will be according to the availability of space. Renders and manufacturers have already been alerted. India once faced a shortage of PPE’s but in the last 60 days, India surprised the world by embarking the position of the second-largest manufacturer of PPE kits. The PPE industry is striving day and night to make the protective gear available for doctors and now the travellers.

What will PPE stores provide?

The PPE stores will also provide hand sanitizers, masks, gloves, disposable glasses, and full-body coveralls or gowns. The Ministry of Welfare stated its utmost concern for sanitizers and masks. This was a serious and quick decision from the AAI to provide safe travel for the people. The implementation in all the airports will take some time. Without any doubt, this was indeed a great step for starting travels and also following the safety measures.

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The operations have already begun in the month of June and slowly all Indian airports will have a  PPE store. Our country is fighting the battle of COVID-19 with smart and bold futuristic moves, hence PPE kits at airports was a must. The fight is predicted to enter it’s worse face with each passing day but the frontline warriors and service providers are our sources of inspiration to combat the pandemic situation.

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