Karan Behal’s PrettySecrets is India’s Favorite Online Lingerie Destination

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Karan Behal Launched a nightwear boutique in 2005 in Mumbai, PrettySecrets went online as a dedicated lingerie fashion store in 2012 and is now growing at 100 percent annual growth. With 1200+ lingerie products, this fast-selling brand plans to open 300 stores across India by the end of the year 2018.

From swimwear to active inner wear Pretty Secrets covers it all to make women feel beautiful, confident and sexy inside.

Here’s brief from the chit chat with the man who gave women a platform to shop their desires – be it floral, sporty, romantic, active, cute, or sexy!

eBiz: How was the idea of Pretty Secrets born? 

Karan: My family has been in the garments manufacturing and export business for three decades now. This solid background and in-depth knowledge in production, supply chain, and inventory planning led me to launch my nightwear boutique in 2005 called Lace – The Lingerie Club, and the response was phenomenal.

However, over time, we faced challenges in scaling its offline retail base since India’s retail market was highly unorganized and was riddled with problems like uneducated sales staff, limited space, and poor ambiance. So I made my e-commerce move in 2011 with ‘my lace.in,’ which was one of the first multi-brand online lingerie stores. E-commerce was then at its initial stage but was fast growing.

This was when I realized that the opportunity lies in building an exclusive private label lingerie brand online. Also, through my previous retail and e-commerce experience with Lace, mylace.in, and PrettySecrets nightwear, I wanted to ensure that for my own online lingerie brand, we removed the bottlenecks of salesmen and put the brand in the hands of the only people who truly mattered – the customers. We wanted to focus on product advancement and quality with an endeavor towards creating a niche for us in terms of our product offering and brand exposure. As a result, I eventually decided to step away from offline retail and channel my intact focus on building my own online lingerie brand, hence the birth of PrettySecrets.com.

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eBiz: There are many other lingerie retails and etailers like Zivame, Amante, Clovia, how are Pretty Secrets different from them?

Karan: [bctt tweet=” PrettySecrets believes that your everyday lingerie should not be boring. We believe your innerwear is the foundation garment of your outerwear.” via= “no”]

Good quality, fashionable lingerie does not have to be expensive or troublesome. Based on that knowledge, we combine fashion with comfort to provide our consumers with products that are high on functionality and support but are yet trendy and uncompromising on style, a burst of colors and unique prints. All of this and much more at prices that are affordable and reasonable to the growing Indian middle class.

We’re also growing not just to be a destination for purchasing your everyday essentials, but as a brand we are building a platform which would give all women in India a destination for not just buying their favorite product but also being part of a community of like-minded people having access to content which is informative and beneficial.

eBiz: While India has 65% of its population under 35 years, we are still conservative in talking about lingerie or getting into lingerie business. Any situation where someone in your family/relations raised his brows, knowing you have a lingerie business? 

Karan: My family has been in the women apparel manufacturing and export business for three decades now. People around relatives and we were already used to talking about women’s clothing. Yes, lingerie was a little different, but no, no one ever felt uncomfortable about it in relatives. Friends? Well, they were more excited than I was!

eBiz: Given a chance, which Indian actress would you choose to be a Pretty Secrets model?

Karan: I wouldn’t choose any. I would go with an actor like Ranveer Singh – not as a model but as a celebrity to associate the brand with. We are a young brand, and we want to associate someone with our brand who has a style of his own, who is comfortable and stylish in whatever he wears and has the right attitude towards fashion. No one else but Ranveer Singh is the person who has all of it – style, attitude, and passion.

In your free time do you read, watch any sports or go for music? Who are your favorites? 

I love reading and watching football. I play, as well. My favorite authors are Gurcharan Das and JD Salinger. In players, I like Javier Zanetti and Mauro Icardi.

What is ‘style’ to you?  

To me, style is personal. For me, it is what is consistent and practical, something that you are always comfortable in.

Your favorite food?   


What is your definition of relaxation? 

Lying on a beach in the Maldives or scuba diving.

Things without which you don’t leave your home?  

Laptop, Kindle, Phone, Notepad & an Ink Pen (no ball pens)

People, who are dearest to you?  

My son Kabir, my wife Shruti & my beagle Laila.

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