The new age of technology has brought with it affordable mobile phones. Nowadays, everyone has a mobile phone. The trend has spread like wildfire. There was a time where phone calls were affordable only for necessities. Clearly, the scenario has changed. The change is so much so that one cannot do without a mobile phone. Everyone owns a portable device. Along with mobiles, the use of the internet and wifi has also gained popularity. As everything becomes online, every small device has access to the internet. They are admitting and using that trend as a tool to benefit marketing. That leads us to find out what proximity marketing is?

Use of Cellular Networks

Proximity marketing is a marketing tool. We have established that everyone is using mobile phones. Now the question is how that can be beneficial to a business. Since 2006, only almost three billion mobile-cellular telecommunication subscribers. The growth of those numbers has been astonishing. By 2011, that number had almost doubled to six billion users. This can only explain the dependency of people on using phones and cellular networks. Take a look at your daily life. 

How many hours in a day do you spend on your phones? How many tasks in your day are dependent on your phone? Do you leave the house without your mobile phones? How many calls do you make in a day on average? I am guessing that most of these answers indicate the dependency of users on mobile phones that have developed in recent years. Proximity marketing depends on this given to spread its reach. This can be done by establishing some way of connecting with these mobile phone users.It is a strategy of ensuring that. It is a method of connecting with mobile phone users to propagate your content.

What is Proximity Marketing?

Proximity marketing is also called hyperlocal marketing. As the name suggests, the target is all those people in the proximity of the business who are using mobile phones. The targeted consumer is then sent content to entice them to make purchases while they are there. The next question is, how this works for proximity marketing? The simple answer is Bluetooth and wifi. This the ability to communicate with the consumer through location services. It could be greeting a consumer, sending them offers, or asking for feedback.

Say, for example, you are walking on a street where an electronics sale store is there. If they employ proximity marketing, you will receive notifications about the offers and sales that are there in the store. This could have come from giving pamphlets outside stores, or attracting them by flashy slogans or boards.

How does Proximity Marketing Work?

For this to work, Beacons are assigned at store entrances or in aisles of the store. These beacons transmit signals to all those devices in the proximity. The Bluetooth enabled devices will then pick up these signals.

Another given for proximity marketing to work is that Bluetooth connections on the consumers’ phone are in discoverable mode. If the consumer responds to these messages, the smartphone sends an ID code back at the cloud. The server then reads the ID code and corresponds with an action accordingly.

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Who is Using Proximity Marketing?

Let us see who and all are already using proximity marketing to spread the word about their business. There are a lot of businesses who are already employing this marketing technique. Major and big realtors are employing this to send maps, coupons, or information about a big sale to attract consumers. Then there are those in the restaurants’ businesses. Since the smell of cooking food can waft up to a certain distance, they have sort to proximity marketing. Loyalty points, quizzes, or dishes of the days are propagate through proximity marketing. Hotels and malls are not far behind.

Tips to Help you Make Your Proximity Better

Remember that your consumers should not feel that they are being forced into tapping your advertisement. Allow your consumers to have the choice to opt-out of the scheme. More than fifty percent of consumers attract to coupons or vouchers of discount. Use coupons and vouchers as much as possible. Keep the language simple to understand and short to read. If there is too much to read, they will lose interest or walk away from the store. Send content that will hook the consumer in. Your content should be interesting and unique. The use of videos might be a good idea.

What to Use for Proximity Marketing?

Advertisements are an excellent manner of proximity marketing. The days when ads were limited to televisions, radio, and magazines have gotten old and boring. The consumers are always looking for ways to be surprised. Ads work very efficiently in the proximity marketing medium. Loyalty programs are fashionable in the market. They entice the consumers to spend without hesitation and guilt in expectation of rewards. If consumers can remind of this while being in proximity to the store, it will tempt them to make a buy. This will allow them to make purchases, earn points for it, and redeem them for more shopping later on. These are called loyalty points because to earn more of these; the consumer will remain loyal to your brand.


As you can see, proximity marketing is not as difficult and daunting as it seems to be. With the right kind of guidance and information, it is a very valuable tool for your business. It values as one of the most effective marketing tools. This is not just in theory but also proven in reality. Uncountable businesses have been digesting the benefits of proximity marketing. All your business needs now are for you to set up proximity marketing. Once you set up a competitive proximity marketing set up, your sales will sky-rocket soon enough. Do not hesitate to reach out to us for more or any queries. Happy marketing.

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