PULA – A Women Empowering Platform Curated By Sonia Konjeti

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For the women, by the women.

An example of passion-filled with grind sweat to inspire and grow together. Pune’s most exhilarating experience for women is signing up for PULA. The group is a safe and interactive platform for more than 2 lakh women from the city. Sonia Konjeti with an extraordinary team designed the objective of the Facebook group and even after 5 years, diligently abide by these guidelines.

PULA – Pune Ladies Group is a virtual home to all of the members. One of the largest groups of its kind, Pula has positively affected the lives of women in Pune. Women from all walks of life come together and built this social group. Pula is actively engaged in devising different platforms to empower women all these years. Many testimonials also reveal that enrolling into the group was the best decision of their lives.

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What is PULA other than being a Facebook group?

Throughout the years, PulaBazzar is envisaging women entrepreneurs in our city. They hold small scale and large scale events to promote and shed light on businesses run by women. Thousands of people attend these exhibitions, events and have been a hit among the residents. One can also sell and buy on the group by posting authentic pictures about the product. Pula team scrutinizes and verifies sellers to avoid fraud and misbehaviour on the group.

Moreover, the online platform set forth job opportunities for different sectors. Women can post about job hunt and others with appropriate leads can provide references. Asking for recommendations about anything is permitted in the group. People request doctors, tutors, dancers, fitness coaches, artists, etc and are replied with genuine answers from fellow users.

The closed group guards query related to mental health as well. Pula affectionately connects people from the city. Thus, PULA understands and liberates women-hood in the right direction.

Who is Sonia Konjeti?

Sonia Konjeti is a resident of Pune and completed her schooling and college education in the city premises. She pursued her Journalism and Mass Communication degree from Ness Wadia College. Furthermore, she continued to work at TCS (TATA Consultancy Services) as a trainee. She dropped the job to take care of her daughter’s post which she constructed the idea of PULA.

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Pula was built by the instinct of bringing women together. Sonia aims to make women of Pune commercial and economically independent. Challenging all the stereotypes of customary restrictions and providing assistance to women for building their firms and ideas. A female community who support, share, and connect without any fear.

Sonia represented Pune, India in the worldwide Facebook Global Meet held in Berlin in December 2019. She was one of the 103 representatives across the world. Moreover, her campaign, Nirmal Raksha rigorously worked to raise awareness about menstrual hygiene and earned her the position of Star Ambassador of Maharashtra. Honourable Maneka Gandhiji felicitated her with the title.

How is Pula different from other groups?

Sonia Konjeti is the founder of the group. She established PULA on July 26th, 2015 with a vision to connect women. After noticing that other cities participated actively in such groups and Pune was yet to get one. She set foot to build a group that empowers women from all walks of life. The aim was to make everything available at a single click for all categories and sectors.

Her principal concern was the chaos that might be created without definite and qualified guidelines. Any group without any instruction will dilute the authenticity and slowly people will lose interest in the group. Hence, she decided to make days particularly dedicated to certain interests or causes. Without a doubt, this has defied the cluttering of the group and makes things easily available for people.

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What does the future hold for the members of the recognized group?

Well, the internet invasion has attracted several new members to the group. In the future, the group plan to work relentlessly to make women independent is every aspect. Pula has collaborated with many NGO’s that help in times of difficulty. Members of the group have contributed to help the affected people by natural disasters. Thus, they plan to support and guide people in trouble in large numbers in the future.

A safe and secure world for women is the aim motive of Pula.

Where there are women, there is magic.