Redefining Being Women in 2020

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Most women are defining or have defined themselves in ways that in fact does NOT reflect who they really are OR they have a tough time fitting themselves in the first place.  Why? Because they have molded themselves by their life’s circumstances and don’t know how to emerge out of these set traditional patterns from the past.

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Even in 2020, women are facing a hard time breaking free of how they perceive themselves or how others perceive them! If Yes, then you are not alone in this brutal journey of why how we look matters more than ever. 

The Combat with Stardome

“Be comfortable in your own skin” says Actor Sameera Reddy in an interview with India Today about the plethora of difficulties she had to undergo as an actor, wife and now mother of two.

When actor Sameera Reddy was pregnant with her second child last year, she took the internet by storm by posting pictures of her underwater maternity shoot. She wrote on Instagram, “I wanted to celebrate the beauty of the bump in my 9th month. At a time, when we feel the most vulnerable, tired, scared, excited and at our biggest and most beautiful. I look forward to sharing it with you guys and I know the positivity will resonate because we all are at different phases of our lives with unique sizes we need to love and accept ourselves at every level #imperfectlyperfect.”

She further added in an interview with Hindustan Times that she needs all the women to know that the struggle is real. Moreover, “The mood swings, hormonal changes and losing your body shape can mess with your mind. It’s a superficial world and people can be hurtful if you don’t keep up. But the key is to be fearless. Only you can get out of that rut. It’s yours to change. Be brave. You can move mountains if you just do it.”

A similar industry example is Actor Vidya Balan, who has been facing tremendous weight issues and hormonal imbalance since childhood. 

Vidya revealed that it has taken a lot of work to accept her body. She said, “When people tell me why don’t you start exercising, I want to say f**k you! How do you know I haven’t been exercising? Do you know how hard I exercise? Do you know what challenges I’ve been facing? I kept wanting people to stop judging me. But over time, I realized that people judge you/your body only if you do.” 

And these veteran actresses have very graciously shown us how talent has a much greater aspect to play and broke the myth that only size-zero onscreen can make you successful. 

Taking Pride over Prejudice!

During February 2020, celebrated Black History Month, honoring notable black women whose accomplishments will change the world in years to come and have so far bought in immense upliftment on the global forefront.

These women represent excellence in entertainment, sports, culinary arts, politics, and more. 

Activist Raquel Willis is the executive editor at Out magazine — the first transgender woman ever to hold a leadership position at the publication in its 26-year history.

The founder of the #MeToo movement, Tarana Burke, continues to campaign against sexual violence giving the world a platform to share their story for others to learn and grow. 

The Diversity of Perceptions

Digital photography and the massive social media influence have led to a culture of selfies and we are inundated by opportunities to admire ourselves against an established set of norms.

In 2020, the view within which the idea of beauty can be analyzed, praised and re-imagined is extremely complex.

The feminine energy is a force to be reckoned with more than any time in history, with enormous movements covering sexual harassment, abuse, freedom, and equality.

Singer Beyonce is an apt example because she’s exemplified how powerful feminine energy is by raising the awareness that all women are strong and independent and never need to put up with anything that harms them for any reason. That women at our core are as capable as men. Although, this world has yet to experience feminine power on a broader spectrum.

Women worldwide are representing and articulating a voice that sees oppression as systematic and structurally rooted in capitalism, irrespective of its race, sexuality, and environmentalism.

Even in a war-torn and outrageous country in the Middle -East, for the very first time in recent history, Palestinian women took to streets to express their struggle with Tal’at, a Palestinian feminist movement. Tal’at means stepping out in Arabic.

The fearless ladies took action under an explicitly political and feminist banner as marchers raised their voices against gender-based violence. It has succeeded in mobilizing Palestinians across their dispersed land.

Unordinary yet Solid

Feminism goes beyond speaking for one’s own demands, urging to fight for a more just and equitable world for all. As women, accepting one another and supporting by letting go of consistent judgment, moreover, a constant competition is necessary to lift up immediately!

The rise of gender-based concern, the body-positivity movement, and the beauty sector’s growing fabrication have all contributed to the new wave of dissonance among one another, even in our children today.

The skin-whitening market that includes Garnier’s White Complete, L’Oréal’s White Perfect and Ponds’ White Beauty recruit light-skinned Bollywood superstars such as Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai, and Hrithik Roshan to sell fantasies of epidermal transformation as the basis for a good life.

The Western media’s supremacy across the world means that the “white body” as an idealized image has become universal.

Ironically, one of the finest female actor-director, who has have given huge hits at the box office and now a headstrong supporter to the campaign “Dark is Beautiful”,  Nandita Das was the first Indian to be inducted into the Hall of Fame of the International Women’s Forum & has brought attention to the color bias in India and elsewhere. 

Perhaps her message for every woman on this Women’s Day is very subtle. 

“Stay Unfair. Stay Beautiful”. 

The campaign emphasizes the importance to embrace beauty beyond color and celebrate the diversity of all skin tones

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When the going gets tough!

The women of today want the power to heal and peacefully redefine the system that has been corrupted for centuries instead of being socially forced into roles, they can choose for themselves.

Each one holds different abilities, awareness, gifted beauty and courage.