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Leading the Oxford Group as the next generation, Rohan Seolekar is bridging the gap between a house to luxurious, smart, and automated homes. He believes in quality, trust, perseverance, & passion, and that shows in his work too. An active member of youth YPO, a keen golfer, an advanced level scuba diver, and has a penchant for fitness.

The eBizzing team got a chance to interact with Rohan, and here is the brief from the interaction. 

eBiz: Your father is a very well-known builder in Pune, so other than the obvious career you had on hand post studies, what else would you have preferred to do?

Rohan: Fortunately for me, I have always loved real estate and every part of it and hence have been associated with it since the age of 15 (after I finished my 10th grade). It has already been a long 18-year journey, and I can’t think of doing anything else besides it.

eBiz: It is said that you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. What do you say about this?

Rohan: Born with a silver spoon, I don’t agree, but yes I do agree being lucky to have a company. I have been able to mold into the future. All this is only worth it at the end of the day if I can be the right custodian and take it to the next level for the next generation after me. At the end of the day, we are all just custodians and have to pass on the baton to the next generation, be it successfully or unsuccessfully, which is to gauge.

eBiz: Builders today and builders 20 years back – what differentiates them?

Rohan: Everything is different; the world is changing in short spans of 5 years now. Mentality, technology, and regulations are the biggest disruptors today. The builders of today who have survived are because they have adapted to this. Those who haven’t adapted have remained the same or have not grown.

eBiz: What is unique about Oxford Group that other builders in Pune or around do not offer?

Rohan: Trust, transparency & we as owners lead from the front and don’t shy away from any negatives is what we feel sets us apart. If there’s a problem, we want to deal with it ourselves.

eBiz: How do you plan to grow Oxford in the next years so that its residences are a buyer’s dream yet affordable?

Rohan: We have been experimenting a lot with technologies, planning, and lifestyle followed by the west kind of developments for buyers of all classes. For example, we introduced open kitchens, home automation as a prerequisite, rain showers, matte, and wooden flooring at the internal flat level. On the project level, we focus a lot on safety through the private lobby and access control, less dependency on human manpower as the same is getting costlier by the day, and as well as being 100% transparent.

Today’s buyers are well informed, and we want to help educate all concerned within the buyer and supply chain to ensure everyone is transparent and on the same page. Affordable is a very vast subject to discuss as everyone’s affordability is different. But we as a company are committed to focus on the growing Indian middle-class segment and provide them everything that is a basic necessity nowadays in the west. For example, the concepts mentioned above are normal or a prerequisite nowadays for every apartment project.

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eBiz: Which new cities or areas do you plan to have projects in, in the new future?

Rohan: We are developing Keshavanagar, Mundhwa currently as the go-to middle and upper-middle-class families of Pune. Being possible due to its close proximity to Hadapsar, Kharadi, and Koregaon Park. We are also developing a 1200 acre project on the outskirts of Bavdhan to be the next all in one township project. In that, we have master-plan it to have specific zones and is plan as a futuristic home to work and entertain/play kind of development.

eBiz: As one of the youngest builders in Pune who shares his father’s experience of decades. What do you think must be done to develop Pune as a metro yet protecting its historical and traditional uniqueness?

Rohan: Have stringent laws that are followed related to the city’s master-plan demarcating areas for entertainment, construction zones, historical monuments, education corridors, industrial/manufacturing zones. and the most important is that we need a top-quality international airport. With this, the city can naturally develop into downtown areas having dense populations and periphery zones and all the needs a metro would fulfill. Along with this, a healthy public transport system which is getting incorporated now will help.

Florida Water Color. Picture Source: Oxford Properties

Given a chance, which Indian actress or actor would you choose to be an Oxford Group brand ambassador?

Rohan: Sonam Kapoor

Which sportsman do you like?

Rohan: I am a golf fan, very inspired by Rory Mclroy

What is ‘comfort’ to you?

Rohan: Where you are in a relaxed state

Your favorite food?

Rohan: Thai

When you are not building homes, what do you do?

Rohan: I’m a homely person, playing with my baby dogs and spending time with my wife.

What is your definition of relaxation?

Rohan: Playing with my dogs

Things without which you don’t leave your home?

Rohan: My phone

Something that is the dearest to you?

Rohan: My family

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