After more than 80 days of stringent lockdown in India, central and state authorities have allowed intra-state and inter-state travel with private offices to resume at a 10% workforce. However, the rising fear of contracting the virus has held the majority of the population working from home. Conference calls and video calls have become an essential part of each one’s work routine. People are using a different video conferencing apps like zoom, google meet, duo, and several other free options more than ever. 

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Vocal For Local Vision

The recent appeal from PM Narendra Modi to the citizens of India to start the revolution of ‘Vocal for Local’ intrigued tech developers in our country. With efforts backed by innovation and operations, India launched its first very own video conferencing app ‘Say Namaste’. The internal economic downfall and the sudden invasion of China at the borders has led to the invention of our own home video conferencing app. The app is built to encourage the use of Indian online services. Say Namaste’s entire video conferencing system with infrastructure and data lines is Made in India.

Inscripts Startup

Mumbai based web application and software development startup – Inscripts built the app to engage millions of Indians through a Made in India – video conferencing app. Even though the lockdown is eased, the era of work from home is still a long way to end.
Anuj Garg the founder of the Inscripts startup spoke to News18 recently and described how the company is still working to improve the app performance and building awareness for Indian users to adapt home-made technology. 

Due to numerous safety issues during April 2020, the government of India urged the citizens to avoid the use of the Zoom app. But as people have fewer options, companies continue using the latter to achieve the daily work targets. Hangouts turned Google Meet also witnessed an unbelievable number of downloads in the last month. However, it is now expected that citizens of India will turn to “Say Namaste” and help the nation achieve the first steps towards being self-reliant.

Say Namaste is available both on Android as well as iOS. One can also start a meeting by visiting the website. The app ensures end-to-end encrypted video calls with data protection. ‘Privacy and security are the organization’s chief concern”, stated CEO and founder Anuj Garg. The app is compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Also, the EU (European Union) law passed in the year 2016.

Easy Operation of the App

The app is pretty easy to operate. One can either download the app and start a meeting or simply go to the website and connect. The application has received more than 100k downloads across the country. The app currently rates 4.5 on the play store which is quite an extraordinary standard. The app recorded 25,000 meetings in less than 24 hours of its launch. All our quarantined lives revolve around video calls and this too – Say Namaste. The app made a grand entry to the market in late April 2020. Perhaps each day the company tries its best to enrich the user experience and optimize quality.

Elders can comfortably use the app. The app allows 50 people in a single meeting. Along with screen sharing of PDFs, presentations, videos, documents, and images during calls. One can also chat via text messages on the app while an ongoing call. A one on one interaction is possible too. The app is compatible with laptop, phone, or tablet and is currently available on the beta version of android.

The COVID-19 outbreak accelerated the use of video conferencing calls due to home quarantine and social distancing norms. People expect the work-from-home culture to prevail for a longer period than anyone ever anticipated. Many companies also claim to continue work from home as it cuts down rental expenses, wifi connection charges, coffee machine slips, electricity, and much more. The post-COVID-19 situation has hindered the economic value of numerous organizations and hence, work from home will save huge expenditures, especially for private businesses.

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All the newspapers across the country have interviewed Anuj Garg and extensively encouraged the use of Say Namaste. Adhering to safety breaches from other video calling platforms and the urge by the government to switch to Indian based online and offline technology will mark the success of Say Namaste. Developers from Inscript are pushing regular updates on the app to ensure absolute safety and enhanced user satisfaction.  GOI (Government of India) did not launch the app. But officials and media urge the use of Say Namaste video conferencing platform for all the Indians.

For the Indians, By the Indians.

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