Sheroes – Socializing App Only For Women By Sairee Chahal

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A virtual model of communication is a ‘Glocal’ term for all. The combination of the words global and local form a common platform for people to interact and share their interests. The 21st century is no alien to such social networking sites. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and a few more are sites for different purposes aim at connecting people from any corner of the world. But like every blessing has a few threats, these sites are not forbidden by some condemnation.

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Increasing security issues and cybercrime have hampered the online world, especially for women. Girls and women are the most vulnerable strata of people that access these sites. However, such incidents lead to traumatic situations to deal with. Women have faced and are still facing issues about security while surfing their internet profiles.

Sairee Chahal – Sheroes Founder

But women strongly believe in uplifting each other’s spirits during such incidents or otherwise. So what if there was an app that permits access to only women? Well, this no more a dream. Sairee Chahal a resident of Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh has made this possible. She is the proud founder of the app, Sheroes that operates to empower women across all fronts. Hailing from a small city her child life was quite restrictive. But the dream to do something that changed the lives of people kept her going. At a very young age, Sairee was an avid reader who read all kinds of books and this helped her know about the world outside her city.

When Sairee moved to Delhi for her further studies, she recognized and realized the numerous opportunities to excel in life. Her life changed when she took up the job of a tutor for Indian Foreign Services. Slowly and steadily, she started working with many firms and companies. At the end of her educational tenure, she decided to be an entrepreneur. With a partner, she founded Newslink in the year 1999. The website connected families to the people servicing and living at the seas. She was quite successful with her entrepreneurship journey. Later in 2006, she witnessed the future of tech-startups in India and founded Saita, a consulting agency. Sairee here realized the restrictive exposure women are exposed to.

This lead to the Foundation of Sheroes

What is Sheroes about?

Sheroes was founded to expose women to the right opportunities and job offers. Women’s empowerment was the underlying motive to start sheroes. Within two years, sheroes have assisted more than a million women to find jobs or help them with their start-up ideas.

This was a huge milestone achieved for the team of sheroes. With time, Sairee started catering to the various other things that worried women. Sheroes commenced assisting women for emotional problems like relationships, marriages, in-laws and many such things. “There are a couple of themes that we follow—jobs and income opportunities, health and wellbeing, sense of identity, networking and more,” Chahal said.

Furthermore, with serious ups and downs with the business Sheroes established itself as a safe place for women that aid women with all kinds of help. Buying and selling are also possible on the app and Facebook page of sheroes. With years of women socializing, sheroes have changed lives for thousands of women across the country. Sheroes has expanded further into different acquisitions Gharkamai, Lovedoctor, and Maya that assist for finding jobs, mental counselling, and women’s health subjectively.

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Women access sheroes with a feeling of safety and continue to do so for a long time. Under the guidance of Sairee Chahal, new opportunities have opened doors for women. Helping with emotional turmoil while helping women build an empire of their own, Sheroes is a go-to option for every woman who needs help.