“The oldest woman shooting player is from India – Shooter Dadi”. Breaking all stereotypes, a woman from an area dominated mostly by men, Chandro Tomar, started a new venture at the age of 65. Shooter Dadi is a real illustration of Women Empowerment in India.

Chandra started learning to shoot back then and today at the age of 86, has won several championships in the shooting. As she conquers this obstacle, she is now working towards creating a sporting revolution for women. In the same area fighting against the male domination available readily in rural belts of many states in India.

 From Ghoonghat to Bullets

Chandro Tomar was married in a village Johri of district Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh and she lived there since then. And after almost half a century, on one beautiful day, Shooter Dadi spontaneously shot around while trying to encourage her granddaughter which hit right in the bull’s eye. Every pair of eyes present in that shooting range was forced to be held open by surprise, including the coach. The coach then convinced Shooter Dadi to continue practicing. Although the society criticized her to the very extent when anyone would give up, Chandro stood up for herself.

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All the taunts and discrimination by the society worked for Chandro as fireworks for a phoenix.

150 Awards at the age of 65

After all this, there was no turning back. Shooter Dadi won many awards in senior citizen category including Stri Shakti Sanman presented by the hon. President himself. Her story is a cover by many TV shows from HistoryTV’s OMG Yeh Mera India.

In the same way to India’s Got Talent to satyamev jayate by Amir Khan. Chandro has been inspiring many people as she got exposure. She has inspired several senior citizens not to lose hope. Also many kids to choose sports especially ‘shooting’ as their career choice.

The 86 year old believes that ‘being Talented’ is a property irrespective of gender, economic status, area or age. Shooter Dadi has this strong urge to create something good for the country. She wants to build a fully-equipped sports academy in her village which will ensure that the next generation won’t lack in those terms.

Shooter Dadi is working towards her shooting academy with dedicated shooting ranges and hostel with capacity of 40-50 players at a time. The construction of the facility costs a load, so does the shooting equipment. She wants to make this academy mainly for those who can’t afford this cost which will give them a chance to showcase their talent and compete.

 It is good to know that women empowerment in India is expanding in society. Have a look at the inspiring story of Varsha Rao a.k.a Shooter Dadi.

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