Since the emergence of COVID-19, the entire world is finding new ways to tackle the deadly virus. The virus has already killed many lives across the globe and hence each country is trying to find new and innovative ways to curb the spread of this virus. Hence, the discoveries to find innovative technologies to fight COVID-19 is the call of the hour.

All the scientists and researchers are working diligently to crack ways that can help the lockdown period for humans. Each one on the globe is expecting answers from science and technology.

Though science has not been able to give the vaccine as of yet technological advancements have given some ways that can help human the race in this critical period.

All the countries are helping each other in every possible way and are adapting things from each other. Let us know about the various technologies being used to fight against COVID-19.

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There are some exceptional innovative ideas adopted by countries. Let us check a few of them.

Work From Home

Half of the world is currently working from home. All the companies are taking the initiative to install their systems in computers so that employees can work from home. This came into force as offices were unable to defy the concept of social distancing due to their seating arrangements.

This is one of the innovative technologies to fight COVID-19. Since then all the companies around the world are making efforts to make work from home more feasible for their employees.

No-Contact Food Delivery

All the leading food delivery apps are making updates to their apps for no-contact deliveries to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. The customers can choose whether they want their delivery to be left at their doorstep or to be handed over personally. Many are choosing doorstep drop-off because the package can be then sanitized and taken into the house. This is a major step to stop the COVID-19 spread.

Drone Monitoring

Police are making use of drones to monitor areas. This is helping the police to know who are violating the rules of social distancing and lockdown. The Kerala Police of India is effectively using drones and keeping an eye on the citizens. Drones keep a watch on people to help the police forces to keep a track on citizen movement. The citizens are following the quarantine rules better after the drone monitoring.

Awareness Apps

The Government of India recently launched an app named‘ Aarogya Setu’which is helping people track the infection of coronavirus. It is designed to help the citizens as the information is very late to reach them. This was an effective initiative by the Indian Government.

The app is available on Google Playstore, App Store for iPhones. Many countries are trying to build such apps. Hence, WHO and Google are also trying to design such apps.

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Many countries are using robots in health care sectors. As direct contact can spread COVID-19 virus hence, robots walk around hospitals to deliver medicines and food to patients. This is putting lesser risk on the doctors working on the frontline of the battle of coronavirus.

Driver-less Cars

This has been a dream for many countries but never put into action due to the fear of unemployment hitting the country. But COVID-19 has made this possible. Fearing human contact and touch, many countries have started driver-less cars for emergency travel. The virus spreads through human contact and this is the best each country can do to reduce human touch and interaction.

CCTV Surveillance

With the use of CCTV footage, many countries are checking people who have come in contact with the infected person. Tracking the whereabouts of possibly infected people is easier with CCTV’s. Hence, the use of CCTV is also being widely useful. Many countries are finding more and more ways to curb the spread of the virus. The use of CCTV is a boon to the innovative technologies to fight COVID-19.

Social Media

Social media is a boon to the people across the world right now.  This is helping people to educate themselves with the type of symptoms and the speed of infection. Journalists and bloggers are taking efforts to reach out to people and educated them on different points of COVID-19 spread. Social media has proved useful and powerful in the time of crisis.

Satellite Monitoring

The need for more and more hospitals is increasing due to COVID-19. Many countries are adopting the concept of make-shift hospitals. People cannot step out of their homes and assemble in groups. Hospitals are making progress and officials check progress via satellite images. Workers are working day and night to make the make-shift hospitals with proper safety gears and protection.

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These are a few innovative technologies to fight COVID-19 various countries are following. Moreover, the entire world is helping each other to come out of this emergency and live a healthy and peaceful life. Till then all the citizens of the world should isolate at home and stay safe.

Stay home. Stay safe.

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