Sony’s next-generation PS5 game console is expected to arrive this June 2020. But what would it look like? What games shall the PS5 have? and most significantly, what would be the cost? The launch of PS5 game console has yet left many questions unanswered. 

The PS5 game developers have experimented to great extends to make the exclusive innovation of virtual reality, a legendary. The market witnessed the absolute king of the game with PS5 DualSense Controller, with this quirky little information. 

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So what would be the exact date of the PS5 Game console launch?

Somehow the revealing dates are being analyzed by various experts and insiders and gamers cannot stop wondering how to procure this new latest, modernized gaming console. Sony has low-key decided to open this gigantic gaming platform to the audience in late 2020. Though the revelation of the exact date is due in June and we are hoping for more certain information about the console.

The gaming enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the unveiling of characteristic features of the gaming console. PlayStation 5 has plenty of historic precedents, as the previous Sony’s line of consoles has been wildly successful. The company’s most recent console, the PlayStation 4, has been one of the best-selling with a 100 million sold since its launch in late 2013.   

What should we expect from PS5?

  • The DualShock 4’s technology has found the right replacement with new Haptic feedback. The rumbling and the touch of the previous consoles will no longer be there. PS5 is all set to impress the users with Haptic feedback.

This is two-way communication with the console. Well, we already know that you can touch the gaming console but with this technology, the console can resonate the touch for a real-life experience. Yes, you heard that right, PS5 game console will communicate with you and this is an unbelievable upgrade in the gaming industry.

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  • Audio Jack – You can plug in your headphones or earphones and enjoy the whole experience without any other background noise reaching you. This doubt was cleared via twitter and well the company seems to agree with it.
  • Microphone – A built-in microphone still exists with PS5, you can talk to your gamer friends with the hustle of a gamepad. But if you enjoy your games with a gamepad, Sony shall continue making that happen too. 
  • Design – The design will witness a major shift from the previous controllers. It will be a futuristic design to lure more gamers to play with gamepads. The shape is more focused on being handy and minimalistic to make it easy to use for long hours.
  • Battery – Undoubtedly, Sony is trying to meet the requirements of the gaming industry and the battery is the main concern for many. The company reportedly announced that rechargeable batteries. The batteries will last long to quench the thirst of the gamers. But the exact information is still awaiting confirmation. There are rumours about wireless charging for the PS5 game console – the gamers need authentic confirmation though.
  • Controller Specs – Information regarding the controller specs has not found strong ground to rely on. We are intently waiting for the same.
  • Colour – The console is expectedly to storm in with sporty white and black look. Though this colour scheme does not seem to interest the users so the company might think of new colours in the near future.
  • Adaptive Triggers – This is something that will be a game-changer for each one. The L2 and R2 buttons will you give you sensations of the actions you are performing in the game. This illusionary act will give the virtual gaming world a touch of human sensation. Without a doubt, real-life sensations will trigger an intense passion for the game.

What is the Price of PS5 Console?

However, the actual price is undercover with the assumption of Rs 55,000 for India. But there is no proof to back this information, but rumours are making their statements here. It is so assumed that with the futuristic technology the company is unable to decide a price for the PS5 console.

Impact of COVID-19 Outbreak on the Launch of PS5 Game Console

The global pandemic has unfortunately brought delay and unrest for the gamers. Sony has not confirmed anything concrete about the impact of COVID-19. But likely, we can assume that there are dents to the plans due to the lockdown. The gamers across the world are praying for good announcements only.

Sony PS5 Console VS Microsoft Xbox

Both the competitors are disclosing interesting facts about the products. Besides, every gamer has their own choice and are free to do choose. The gaming world still anticipates the launch of both. Let us wait and watch which device explodes the gamers to a greater extend.

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Though there are many rumours circulating in the market regarding the launch PS5 gaming console. Besides these rumours are taking us by surprise and we cannot wait. The features are making us all restless but nonetheless one has to patiently wait for the exact dates and feature confirmations.

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