Ebizzing adds one more to the casket of startups’ success stories. This article gives some useful info, beneficial for the women out there. Expecting women with different needs and desires to pick one from the many available is not done.

Heidi Zak, Founder ThirdLove, the online bra shop realized this scenario. Her own experience knew shopping for bras online was a tedious task. Especially in ensuring you get the right fit while getting the comfort and the look you desire.

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Heidi shares in an interview, that women wouldn’t have to go shopping for bras because nobody really likes to or are comfortable in going out shopping for bras. She decided to tackle this issue and co-founded the online Bra store ThirdLove with her husband David Spector in her early 30s.

Finding the perfect fit being the prime focus, she came with an idea to launch a quiz called ‘fit finder’. This series of questions specifically designed so that at the end of the quiz the customer will find out her exact bra shape & size. Over 12 million women across the world have taken the quiz and they are pretty satisfied with it. On the other side, the more women take the quiz software’s database becomes more potent. Also, the algorithm gets even smarter.

Heidi believes in the continuous improvement and evolution in everything. Also states that she will stick to developing this sector of the digital market.


Startups success stories like ‘ThirdLove’ came into existence mainly to provide women with their perfectly shaped and sized bras. That is why they have been very good at it. Proving their claim, they demonstrated their range of sizes available for sale with 78 of ‘Real’ women from around the world. For every style, all of these 78 women wore a different size.

ThirdLove’ has newly introduced 8 sizes early this year and offer sizes from 30” t 48” while cups ranging from AA to I. This was never done by any of the popular brands. For the sake of comparison, American Eagle’s Aerie has a range of 30A to 40DD. Victoria’s Secret has 30AA to 40DDD. Having the extra sizes helps the company reach and cater many more women than these traditionally popular brands with 35 to 40 sizes as ‘ThirdLove´ has 78 sizes in comparison.

 The company, rather the CEO Heidi Zak intentionally got herself into a controversy. Then she decided to reply Ed Razek, COM of Victoria’s Secret’s parent company when he made some controversial statements regarding transgender and plus sized-model. According to Heidi that was very offensive and shameful. She wrote about the topic and took out a full-page ad in the New York Times slamming this shameful statement.

Other than this comment, there always was a war in the lingerie market. No brands were ready to offer plus sizes. ThirdLove on the other side decided to take a stand. And went all out to give every woman her just the perfect size. Unlike other brands without making it brand marketing issue.

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Just talking about inclusivity and writing pages about it is neither sufficient nor accepted. If you don’t have the sizes for that and that’s what ‘ThirdLove’ follows as per Heidi.

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