Marketers are on the path of evolution with every changing trend. The last two decades have transformed the marketing strategies and methods of every sector into a digitalized version. This foreseen change is the mark of the Gen Z generation. People born after the year 1996 belong to the Gen Z family. With everything available at a click of a finger, it is quite challenging to grab the attention of these buyers. Brands rigorously work to create and innovate marketing ideas and strategies that grab attention and do not get washed away in the debris of social media consumption.

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Without a doubt, Gen Z believes that access to the internet is only subordinate to the right of freedom. Their entire lives revolve around technology and the internet. Many of them believe in the next five years, the internet will determine their daily routines.
Brands are using each component of technology and information that will levitate them in the era of Gen Z and technology.

What does Gen Z look for in brands?


The youngsters have lived in the world of false and fake news and are quick enough to notice information breach. This proves the underlying and unseen importance of authenticity. No two identical brands or object or service will sell in the market. Thus, brands need to be extra careful about information invasion and duplication.

Promote Social Cause

Overtime every problem and situation is filmed by the youth and this has aggravated feelings towards social causes in the minds. Poverty, climate change, pollution and many more have gained attention by the Gen z. Hence, some researches prove that Gen z will buy a particular brand if they work for a social cause. For example, Classmate, an extensively used notebook brand in India donates Rs. 1 towards the education of poor children. The brand’s step towards social cause has improved and elevated their reach and sales.


Furthermore, this generation is spoiled with choices and unapologetically voice their opinions. With varying interests and choices, the concept of customization existed. Many leading brands across the globe offer customized products apart from their other products. Customized products received more attention and sales in no time. Hence, all brands try their hands-on customization to provide their customers with exactly what they want. However, some brand sonly focus on personalization and customization. Gen Z loves this idea!

Difference between Millennial and Gen Z

People born between the years 1980 and 1995 are termed as millennial. Their shopping habits and choices differ vastly as compared to the current generation. Millennial population laid different buying aspects with years. The evolution of able to try outfits and accessories was during the tenure of millennial shopping. But with media exposure, social media, internet things started changing with Gen Z.

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The digital ties shaped and demanded serious changes with the chapping mindset. People moved online for recommendation and suggestions and enjoyed the privilege of being at home and looking for things. Eventually, the scenario changed and millennial have also adopted the online and internet norms of shopping.


Brands have a serious goal of making their online presence felt and impactful. With various social media sites and platforms, brands have enormous opportunities to gain their audience attention. Content creation and right ways of marketing is the only tool to reach customers when the attention span is reduced to less than 8 seconds. Any brand from any sector needs to majorly authentic, promote a social cause, build their online presence, start customization and offer a great user-friendly experience.

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Innovative ideas to reach out people in difficult times will resonate for a long future. Making the brand’s presence felt in times of humanitarian hardships will work wonders for any brand from any niche.

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