The finance has seen a complete makeover catering to different things that have emerged in the industry. These new trends have the potential to shape and give birth to a new financial industry that will be helpful and easy to access to people. Well, this is the time to learn the new technology trends reforming the Indian Finance Sector.

The sector comprises of various parts like banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, banking financial entities and other financial sectors. All these will evolve with the prevailing trends> the sector also has to keep up with the government rules and announcements and make changes accordingly.

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So let us study the various trends and changes that the sector will cater to and how it will impact the people and other sectors associated with it. This study will make you aware of the sector changes which will help you in your future plans and choices.

The trends that will prevail in the finance sector in 2020.

Digitalization and Finance

After the exposure to the global market, the finance sector had to open doors to digitalization and adapt the new things that make banking and payments easier for people. This is more inclined to enhancing the customer experience with the respective band or any other finance-related company. Digitalization has helped banks sore to new heights and increase customer engagement because of easier access.

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Paperless, signatureless, branchless payments and transactions will also help many small scale companies to attract customers by enhancing their experience. Immediate Payment Service (IMPS), National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFS), Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) and many more online payment modes have already taken roots in the industry.

Data will be the King

Well, the importance of data has already been proved in the past few years. The finance sector has started trying their hands on it. Data is extremely important for operations, processes and analyzing the various factors.

Banks and the financial sector will be more careful with their data and this goes with all the industries that are linked with the financial sector.

The skillset will see a rise

Hiring financial sector professionals will be a task for everyone. The ones aspiring to get into the financial sector will have to step up their game to get into any financially inclined company. Swift hands-on technology and smart thoughts on knowledge are very important. The sector will train their existing employees and hire only skilled professionals henceforth.

Blockchain will be Real

The use of blockchain is catching people’s attention and the financial sector is keen to understand the working of the blockchain technology. If the professionals find it useful then they might it use it in future. The government has to grant permission for this. Once the government gives a thumbs-up to the blockchain, it will be a leading trend in the sector.

Fintech companies make their space

The fintech industry has emerged as one of the most important trends in the industry. This will help you surpass all the traditional ways of banking and open a new and easy approach to the ways of banking. This will become an essential part of the ecosystem of the banking and financial sector.

Fintech will be one of  the game-changer technology trends that reforming the Indian Finance Sector

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Amalgamation of Banks

An amalgamation of small banks with bigger and established banks will help smaller banks to build a strong foundation. This will in return help the economy of the country. Many countries have adopted this idea and India recently started this revolution of merging banks.

Though many say that the smaller banks will lose their identity and power over the banks but the amalgamation of banks has just begun and will be there for a very long time.

Cloud Banking

Well, cloud banking is another asset added to the banking sector. Using cloud-based technology will increase the flexibility of the industry. The banks will henceforth cut down on the investments made on software and hardware because it is easy and pocket friendly when using cloud-based technology.

Though it is far-fetched in India soon each one will understand the advantages and make the best use of it. Cloud-based technology has helped many industries flourish so the banking sector will also benefit from it is the recent prediction of many studies.


Biometrics is essentially for security reasons. A well defined authentic security system is a must in the world which is derived by technology. With an entrusted inclusion of One Time Password (OTP) and biometric authentication will be the only way to make trusted transactions.

The customers will feel secure with a trusted biometric process of the transaction. Hence, biometrics will play a major role in shaping the financial sector.

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You have reached the end of the article. These technology trends reforming the Indian Finance Sector and each one should be ready for it. Make sure you read and understand thoroughly and make the best out of the given information.!

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