A two weeks notice letter will become handy to you only if you have made the decision to quit your job. While it might be a good decision in your life, consider a few things before doing so. Are you financially secure to quit your job? Have you been offered another job? If not, do you have other employment opportunities? How is this decision going to impact your personal life?

Assuming you have all these situations under control, the next step towards quitting your job is writing a two weeks notice letter. So let us move to the important question.

What is a Two Weeks Notice Letter?

A two weeks’ notice letter serves as a resignation letter only with minimum time notification. It is the proper and formal manner to resign your post at the company. The two weeks notice letter is a formal application that you send to your employer, two weeks in advance, seeking permission to be able to terminate the contract that you are under. The company that you work for needs a two weeks advance notification of your intention to quit the job. The two weeks notice letter is to facilitate this purpose. However, take a close look at your employment contract in case the company you work for has specific instructions regarding the resignation of an employee.

You must wonder why the company insists on making its employees write these two weeks notice letter. There is a simple justification for that. This allows them a time period of two weeks to find a suitable replacement for you or to hand over your responsibilities to someone else. This will also allow you to have a proper farewell form the company and your colleagues. It is important to leave the company in a professional and pragmatic manner. This will ensure that the same is adequated.

Why Should you Write a Two Weeks Notice Letter?

Why should you write a two weeks notice letter? You are not going to be affiliated with the company any longer. So what difference will it make? People often think in this manner and do not submit a two weeks notice. This is wrong on multiple magnitudes. Such behavior is unprofessional and unwanted in any employment field. While you will not be associated with the current company any longer, you will be taking jobs elsewhere. This behavior will affect your future employment opportunities, as well. Another important reason for writing a notice letter is to maintain a written document as proof of your decision to resign.

It is proof that you have provided the company with a written application for two weeks in advance as per the policies. The company can use the two weeks notice letter as they deem fir, for some legal reason as well. Keep this in mind when the thought of not writing a two weeks notice letter comes to you.

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How to Write a Two Weeks Notice Letter?

Before beginning to write the two weeks notice letter, remember that the aim is to leave the company on good terms. Try not to regurgitate on the bad and keep your focus directed on the good. After remembering this, begin to write your two weeks notice letter. Here are ten steps to simplify the process of writing a two weeks notice letter

Formal tone

The two weeks letter is being addressed to a person in authority. The letter will also be treated as official documentation and legal records. Hence it is important that the letter maintains a formal and respectful tone through its length.


The format for the two weeks letter remains the same as any formal letter. It can also equate with a resignation letter. Begin with the sender’s address, i.e., your address. Place this at the top left corner of the page.

Date and Time

This is the most important aspect of the two weeks notice as the objective is to mark the date at which it was submit. Use standard time and standard time format.

Subject Line

The next address will be the receivers. This should also include the name and designation of the authority being addressed. Add the company address and align it to the top left corner of the page. After which you will add a subject line. This is to give the reader an idea about what the letter is related to. Be precise and keep the subject line short.

Make your Intention Clear

Begin with a salutation appropriate for the authority you are writing to. The body of your two weeks notices letter will begin here. Do not beat around the bush. Directly get to the point and mention your intent to quit.

Be precise and prompt. The first line of your two weeks notices letter should clearly mention that you will be leaving the company in a span of two weeks. Do not let the employer get the impression that you will be willing to stay for longer if asked to.

Two Weeks

This is the purpose of the letter. Mention the date at which you are writing and the date two weeks from then. Define that the application, submit two weeks prior and the last day of work with the company. Make sure there is no error in this part of the two weeks notice letter.


The reasons for the termination of the contract with the company have to be handle diplomatically. Do not complain. Remember that you have to leave on a positive note. Hence, state the reasons for leaving with care. Make them as neutral as possible.

Be Thankful

Allow the employer the respect for giving you the opportunity to work with them. Thank them for the wonderful mentorship and the guidance they provided. Be grateful for whatever this experience has taught you.

Completion of Assigned Work

Assure the employer that you have, or you will complete all the tasks that have been assigned to you till today. They will not be incomplete and will be with proper care. Along with this, let the authority know that you will be of assistance during the transition. You will offer help in any way needed towards completion of the job

End on a Supportive Note

This will be reflective of your professional behavior. End the letter on a good note. Your signature will make the letter authentic and original.


The two weeks notice is your application for termination of the contract with the company. Remember, you will not be associated with them any longer, but you want to leave a good impression. You have done such a great job at doing your job. Why leave a bad impression towards the end with a simple resignation process? With the tips given above, writing a two weeks notice letter will be a piece of cake. Happy writing!

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