upGrad is an online learning platform founded in the year 2015. The aim of this innovative tech enterprise is to reach out to people who do not have the time or resources to afford a full-time degree program. upGrad, an edtech startup has an extensive range of educational fronts for your career to grow, as their tagline suggests – Your career needs to grow with you!

With online learning at a person’s preference time, this concept was a dream come true for working individuals who always had the grit of acquiring knowledge. Accessible timings, affordable fees, quality teaching, placements have attracted many people to take up education after working for years or someone who wants to kick-start their career afresh. A high number of homemakers are taking advantage of upGrad’s comprehensive courses.

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upGrad, edtech startup fearlessly believed that nobody has to wait to upgrade their skill sets. There is defined growth in online learning but amidst a pandemic, the grip is stronger. Furthermore, the future is quite uncertain so many people are trying to grab on new skills and learn new things while sitting at home.

The complete shift from traditional learning to online learning was an unforeseen vision. All educational sectors are shut for an undefined time due to COVID-19 lockdown – this is a great chance for upGrad edtech startup to ace their business.

How is upGrad edtech startup learning different from traditional education?

Undoubtedly, both are completely different forms of education. There are equal pros and cons to each form but depends on the choices of the individual or a global condition – like now.

Online Education

Online Learning is usually opted to upgrade an individual’s skill set while already working full-time or part-time. Moreover, taking online learning was never an option for Indian students. Even though universities and government recognize online degrees. This is due to the mindset of traditional education. Online learning is having a hard time establishing its importance.

All the doubts can be washed away with upGrad edtech startup learning.

Traditional Education

Our age-old traditional education from full-time schools, colleges and universities is norm being followed for decades together. This form of education is preferred because of one-one interaction with peers and teachers help mould the personality of every individual. Well, nothing can replace traditional learning but online learning can make an evident space for itself.

What are the benefits of Online Education?

While people are slowly opting for online education, the closing of schools and colleges due to the novel coronavirus has sincerely increased the pace. Let us know about the benefits of online education.

Lower Costs

Taking an online course with upGrad or degree will help you incur fewer costs and fees. The fees in visibly less as compared to the full-fledged known universities in all parts of the world. Also, the travel charges, tuition fees, etc can come down to a complete zero which makes the course affordable to many people.

Comfort and Self-paced Learning

You can be in the comfort of your home and learn according to your pace without pressure and competition. So this gives a total upper hand to online education. People can learn and give exams with their own comfort so this helps in better learning and good results with upGrad edtech startup.

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You can do it anywhere and anytime! This is what we are all looking for amidst the fast-paced lives. This is the main reason for the invention of online education because this offers us the mobility the world needed. Without a doubt, mobility is the best benefit of online learning and upGrad adheres to all the comforts of mobile online learning.

How is upGrad edtech startup using the lockdown situation for its benefit?

upGrad has made the most during the current lockdown situation as more people are turning towards online learning courses and making most of the time in hand. People are turning towards small and full-time courses to upgrade their skills with intentions to flourish in a post lockdown world.

What was the government intervention of online learning?

The government has intervened to enlighten online education so there is a growth curve to online education. However, it will take time to change the mindset of consumers to understand the validity of online degrees. Well, upGrad edtech startup is already making awareness about this niche.

Is there an increase in competition?

Each one is trying to find ways to reach out to people with online learning. So this has increased the competition for upGrad edtech startup. Trusted brands are finding it difficult to maintain their customer base due to rising new ideas and startups. So, upGrad is trying to add advanced levels to their existing courses and offer more than other competitors can.

To enhance the course benefits and be the best among the competition is the prime focus of upGrad, an edtech startup.

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