Vedant Goel – Entrepreneur, Water Hero, Social Worker, 4 times Limca Record Holder

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Vedant Goel exhibits a flamboyant entrepreneurial journey while being a responsible social assistant. He stepped out of the comfort of his home at the tender age of 16 and set foot into the reality of the world. Without any support and guidance, he built an empire of his own from scratch. He explored various opportunities and has witnessed ups and downs during the process. Over time his trial and error with businesses ended with the inauguration of StartupKafe and Media Expert. He founded these companies to encourage young entrepreneurs to believe in their innovative business ideas.

A 4 Limca record holder, Vedant Goel’s perspiration and dedication know no boundaries.  He earned his first Limca record with Yusuf Soni. A team of 1,011 school students brushed together to acknowledge dental health. Young girls and boys attained necessary knowledge about teeth safety tips by experts during the event.

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A nationwide renowned social worker who has embarked his position in the business industry is an inspiration to many. His rigorous work to spread awareness about water scarcity and smart techniques to save water bought him glory and recognition as ‘Water Dada.’ He has conducted more than a hundred workshops to educate the younger generation about the importance of water conservation. Goel’s story of sheer hard work was appreciated by CNN News 18. The news channel profoundly named him as the’ Jal Rakshak.’ He also shared the stage with Nitin Gadkari and Amitabh Bachhan where he presented his ideas for water retention. Furthermore, his work was also recognized by the Madhya Pradesh government. The Republic World also featured him for his exceptional ideas to save water in day-to-day life. 

Vedant Goel also works closely to enhance the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in our country. Goel pioneered the Neo Mega Steel LLP and currently heads 13 depots of the company. Pune, Mumbai Nashik, Solapur are the few locations where NeoSteel is located. 

He formed a company IPO Corner that contains all the information of companies for investors and shareholders. This online platform bridges the gap between upcoming startups and investors in the market with no charges whatsoever. 

We at eBizzing were privileged to talk to Vedant Goel and share his inspiring story with the rest of the world.

Leaving home at a tender age, how has your journey been to date?

Well, it has been a challenging yet fascinating journey. My father is an entrepreneur himself and I have grown under his magnificent love for innovation and new ideas. I was fascinated by the world of entrepreneurs and knew I could be nowhere else in my life. Leaving home was a difficult call at a small age but today it is all worth it. I started my career with a small online business, Har Aadmi Online. The idea was to bring each small business owner on the internet and use it to magnify their business reach. It was running well for some time but later, I had to shut it and move ahead. 

I kept on trying new business ideas and it was a journey of ups and downs. But today I have embarked on some of my dreams but I have a long way to go. I believe there is no limit to dreams and accomplishments. I have my faith in Sai. He will guide me through all my endeavors in life. 

“Your will decides the fate of your dreams.”

When did the switch from business to social work happen?

During my endless endeavors I traveled to various parts of our country, I witnessed a serious shortage of water in many villages. It was disheartening to perceive the lack of basic necessity of life – water. My conscience told me that I had to do something about this. Since then it is my major cause of social work. My aim is to reach out to more and more students and educate them about various methods to save water. A single drop of water saved is worthy of a countless number of lives. Moreover, I wish to help the society for the betterment and we should start with our basics. It is an honor to be working as a social worker and doing my best to reach out to people and help them.

Watch Vedant’s interview by Republic TV as the Water Hero.

How do you overcome the pressure of being a public figure?

I believe your own expectations pressurize your mind and nobody else. The only way to cope up with pressure is to bring calm and harmony to thoughts. Keep doing what you feel is right and what is best for society. Your will to make things happen will subsidize all kinds of pressures.

It is extremely important to build a calm and composed mindset to bring any plan to execution. The constant fear of failure is the chief of mishaps. If you are willing to fail and learn, all the expectations and pressure will take a back seat.

How do you feel about your work being featured?

It is an absolute pleasure and honor to be acknowledged for my work. I hope this inspires more young people to believe in their dreams and work hard for it. Every small contribution to the welfare of society will go a long way. All the people across our country should understand their duties as citizens and exercise them. Studies assume that the world will run off portable water by 2025. Hence, we need immediate action to conserve water. With the right guidance and education, each citizen will be able to save water in an effective way.

Accomplishing success at a young age, What are your future plans?

I believe working with the right frame of mind in the right direction and success will follow. Plans don’t work well for me. I hope to keep making a difference for entrepreneurs of our country and diligently work for my social cause. I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I will work hard at every step of my life.

What do you advise our new entrepreneurs?

Everyone new will always find a new way to do things. I firmly believe that new ideas are the first step to growth. But one must always follow the Guru Mantra of consistency and patience. Both qualities will pave the way to achieve anything one desires. Hence, I advise everyone to be more patient and diligently work towards their goals. Being patient and consistently performing is the key to success.

Few more Questions

What is your go-to outfit for any event?

I am comfortable with casuals and jeans, it is perfect for any event.

What is your favorite cuisine?

Punjabi food is my favorite and I have explored more than 200 Punjabi restaurants in Pune.

What do you do in your free time?

I usually stream Netflix or listen to music. Music is very close to my heart and I love listening to all genres of music. 

What is your idea of relaxation?

My idea of relaxation is sleeping. It takes you away from all the worries of the world. 

Who are the most beloved people in your life?

Well, I cannot imagine my life without my parents and brothers. 

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Vedant Goel is guiding the younger generations with the right leadership and laying the ground for water protection and startup culture in India.