A Guide to Writing the Perfect Vision Statement (with Examples)

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Documentation is an important part of office work. There are lots of different types of documents to be created for a certain product, deal or organization. A vision statement is one of them. There is always a vision for which your company was set up or your whole organization is working. There must be planning for the whole organization on how to achieve this vision and sustain it. A roadmap for a greater and bright future for all of the members of an organization. This is what the vision statement contains and depicts at its root. Planning of the future in a document form.

The question is how to create a vision statement. It is not an easy task to set the future of a company. You have to think in a broader perspective and lay out the road map for the next 5 to 10 years.

Let’s see some of the points to keep in mind while writing a vision statement

Here are a few points to remember before writing

Make your objective clear

You must have a clear purpose in mind what your company stands for what is its primary goal. Be clear about that and declare it you won’t compromise in achieving this objective. There is always a big goal and some short goals. The big goal should remain consistent and clear for the whole organization. This is the main purpose of your company. the foundations of your future will be laid out keeping in mind this objective. People should be clear about the main goal. there should not be any confusion while reading the vision statement of the company. It must click a good response among the employees and they must feel proud of it.

Be short and pin-point

You have to define your future goals and primary purpose in a short and crispy manner for people to feel it. You must have a catchy and short phrase as a vision statement. It must be below 15 words and easily communicable among people. The company can gain popularity in its vision statement. People should easily remember your vision statements. It will help your company grow in many ways. Make your vision statement to clearly communicate among other peeps. You cant put long stuff into it explaining each and every detail. It should be as short and crisp as possible. 

Time limit

There must be a time range for which your vision statement stands for. you must lay out the road map thinking about a time Horizon of the next few years. the world keeps changing and so does your vision statement may also change in the next few years. You must keep in mind about the performance of the company in the next few years what are its main goals what does it want to achieve in this limited period of time. Taking into consideration all these points you should look for creating the vision statement. Define a good period of time.


The vision statement should clearly show the status of your company and the challenging goals it wants to achieve in the future. the goal should not be unachievable but on the other side, it should also not be easy.  The vision statement should show that the company is trying to outsmart its competitors and bring something revolutionary for its customers. Vision statements should also be visionary as well as challenging.


The vision statement should set a goal that is inspiring for all the employees to work hard every day and achieve. Your employees should rally behind you to achieve the vision of your company. They must get motivated each time they read it. It must create a genuine expression of respect and symbolize a dream that every employee can dream. Unless you make them dream about your vision how are you going to make them work for it? There should be a mental image of your vision statement. 


The market is going to fluctuate every now and then. Your vision statement should remain firm and stay true to its meaning. It should be able to take minor hits and be consistent. It should not change within a few months of rapid change brought by a new thing. 

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Examples will help you in understanding the above points mentioned and how the great companies have created their vision statement to make there company’s future brighter.

Let’s see some of the examples of the vision statement.


“To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world”. 

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This is the vision of the biggest sports brand in the world. It clearly depicts that it is trying to create new products for every athlete in the market and make life easier and help them in achieving new records.


 “Mcdonald’s Vision is to be the world’s best quick-service restaurant experience. Being the best means providing outstanding quality, service, cleanliness, and value so that they make every customer in every restaurant smile.”

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Through the vision statement, it says that  McDonald’s is the best food providing service and really want to take care of its customers and serve them high-class food.


“A world without poverty”

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It is working towards making every people live a life with dignity and self-respect. The vision statement clearly states that it just wants a world where every person is capable enough to live a good life with all necessities provided.


   “To help people and businesses throughout the world reach their full potential”

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The vision clearly shows that Microsoft wants to help other organizations develop and reach greater heights by using their products and tools. 

I hope you will take care of these points the next time you create a vision statement. Keep dreaming and thinking about your vision and what change you can bring into this world. This is a guide to writing a vision statement with a few examples.

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