Marketing is prevalent on most social networking sites in the modern world. Some of the leading sites are Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedln. But many fail to understand the power of Pinterest – and emerging visual search tool. Over the past years, Pinterest has gained a customer base of 335 million people. More than 280 million people visit their Pinterest accounts every week. According to a few studies and experts, Pinterest can help businesses expand and increase their businesses and clearly has an edge over the already existing apps, for example, twitter.

What is Pinterest?

Bin Silbermann creatively co-founded Pinterest in the year 2010. The app is a visual search engine, unlike other apps that deal with the content search. Each pinner or user can create an account on the app and browse with keywords and the results show in pictures. There are options for a business account and offers various benefits for businesses to grow. Pinterest is not only designed for bloggers but to every kind of business in the market. The app drives organic and authentic traffic to your website.

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How to create a Pinterest account?

Pinterest can be easily accessed by anyone who plans to grow their business. One can create a personal account, turn their personal accounts to business or create a new business account.

Steps to kick-start your account on Pinterest.

  1. Go to the website on chrome or download the app via play store.
  2. Make the choices of language, location and business name/ your name.
  3. Connect your various profiles on different social media apps. Insta, Youtube, Facebook, etc
  4. In the case of business accounts, select options for future ad campaigns and promotions.
  5. Edit the profile according to your target audience and theme.
  6. Business accounts must claim their original websites and proceed further.
  7. Create different boards for various purposes.
  8. Decide the theme of each board.
  9. Create a pin and get started.

Following these steps, one can easily create their personal or business accounts on Pinterest.

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Pinterest Marketing

People scroll through their feeds of Pinterest, in order to get ideas for décor, architecture, interiors, etc. But during the course, many users tend to buy many things from Pinterest. The power of the app lies in the visual content it offers.

Steps to indulge in Pinterest marketing

 SEO Words

Research and find the right keywords for your brand. However, well designed your board maybe but the SEO helps one to get found and noticed. The correct usage of words will lead the right customers to your board and lead them into buying from your business.

Quality Content

Create content that is valuable, unique and relevant for your target audience. Quality of the content will ensure loyal customers for the brand. Also, sharing and word-of-mouth can also be engaged in the presence of qualified content.

Collaborate and Share

Pinterest can be a wonderful B2B (Business to Business) platform for users. One can collaborate with well-established businesses or competitors and increase the reach. Sharing content of pinning other brands pins in some of your boards can be of great help to reach the right audience.


Link the websites, product page or Instagram page to your pins to increase traffic on your website. Pinterest allows interlinking and meta tags which are very helpful for businesses to lead their customers to the respective website or sales page.

Follow Accounts that will be beneficial

Following that accounts that show the possibility of following back or beneficial for the business is quite helpful.

Watch Your Competitors

Analyze your competitors and use tactics to build your Pinterest community.

Use Influencer Marketing

Influencers on Pinterest as well as other platforms can promote your profile. This will increase the reach of your account with a creditable rise in traffic and sales.

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Pinterest marketing is a leading visual content platform for effective marketing and can be used to reach millions of people worldwide. Many businesses are leveraging the benefit of the app. The future seems to be in favour of businesses and help all kinds of business grow.

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