The entire world is official under an undefined lockdown due to the unstoppable spread of COVID-19. All the businesses have come to standstill but work from home is still an option. Exploring the option of all the employees working from home full-time, many businesses are still managing to keep their business running. Amidst the lockdown, how are these businesses connecting? Through online conference calling. Hence, Whatsapp has decided to allow more users in group calls.

Who invented the Video Calling Feature?

In this time of crisis, we are saved by the feature of video calling over many platforms. You can connect to respective people and talk face-to-face about anything. The world owes a lot to Bell Labs and John Logie Baird of the AT&T company. The first-ever video conference took place in Germany in the early 1930s while the idea was worked upon in the 1920s.

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How are businesses using the feature?

Businesses are making sure they use the video calling feature to the fullest. Many procedures need the approval of many people. Talking to them separately is quite inconvenient, so group video calling is the answer. Client presentations can also be executed with the help of this feature.

Since many meetings require the opinion of more than 4 people, WhatsApp to allow more users in group calls.

Video calling is keeping Families Connected

While businesses are trying to keep their profits afloat families have benefitted abundantly. People are stranded at different places across the world currently and unable to go back home. All the travel facilities and borders have been sealed due to the spread of COVID-19. But people are connecting to their friends and families via video calling. This feature has come as a blessing to the world without which it would have been difficult to survive.

To adhere to the pandemic requirements, Whatsapp to allow more users in group calls. This will allow more family members to connect at the same time.

Which are the different platforms for video calling?

Many platforms have witnessed a sudden boom adhering to the cruel lockdown. Skype is the oldest and one of the most trusted video calling platforms. But over the time many platforms came into existence. Well, about 50 people can skype in the same group at a time. Zoom the recently launched app allows about 100 people to connect to video calling at the same time. Due to many news checks and controversies are claiming Zoom as an unsafe platform for meetings.

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Many other platforms like Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Houseparty, Google Duos also are explored by companies and families. While many apps have a limitation to the number of people connecting, so all the apps are trying to expand their limit.

Whatsapp Expands the Limit

Whatsapp is one such app that has been a friendly and handy app for 4 people to connect. But since the demands rose for larger video calling platforms WhatsApp also wants to race amongst the leading apps. The recent update allows 8 people to connect on WhatsApp for video calling. This new feature was found on v2.20.128 beta for Android.

The iOS feature for Whatsapp messenger for beta Whatsapp to allow more users in group calls with this updated version. They are currently working on the update and it will available for people at the earliest as promised by the company.

Whatsapp To Take Over Other Applications

Whatsapp has been a trusted app and brand and people across the globe use it daily. People can easily be connected via Whatsapp than any other platform. Zoom needs and ID and password to log in and Skype generally has connection issues. Also, Zoom is in news for information laundering and hacking.

Though Zoom can connect 100 people at the same time companies are not willing to risk their security and safety of confidential information. In many places, the Governments have asked people to stop using the Zoom app. There is a visible downfall in the use of the Zoom app due to security issues. Though the company admits to having fixed security issues, people are still hesitant to use it.

This aims to the fact that once Whatsapp launches its 8 people feature, it will be the giant of the industry. Furthermore, family members and relatives can connect with 8 people at the same time. With the sudden rise of video calling apps, Whatsapp wants to have their piece of the cake. No stones unturned to make this available for their users by WhatsApp. Laos, the security breach will the utmost priority and the company is rigorously working to make this happen.

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Amidst the unavoidable pandemic lockdown, all the video calling apps or platforms are witnessing a boom. Users are facing problems with all these apps so Whatsapp will allow more users in group calls with a

8 people video call feature. All the Whatsapp users across the world cannot wait for this update and use to their fullest.
Until then, Stay home Stay Safe.

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