White-collar jobs are synonymous with managerial and corporate positions and competitive pay rates. Corporate professionals who successfully climb the corporate ladder where no physical labor is needed, are described as white-collar employees. A white-collar worker is an upper-level employee, like professionals, executives, and managers, who are paid on a monthly basis and do not receive an hourly wage.

As a general rule of thumb, white-collar jobs are for professionals with higher education and specialized career interest, such as sales, medicine, education, or the law. Mostly white-collar jobs take place in agencies; the general opinion is that white-collar jobs take place in cleaner work areas.

White Collar Job, What Does it Mean?

In the 20th century, the term white-collar was used from the stereotypical upper-level employee. Most upper-level employees then wore white dress shirts with white collars. Whereas the lower-level employees hired for manual labor on the factory floor often wore traditionally blue uniforms. That’s how the difference between white-collar and blue-collar originated.

How can You Identify White Collar Jobs?

A white-collar job takes place in a school, store, or an office. And generally demands a worker to wear a collared shirt with or without a tie. Examples of white-collar workers are bankers, accountants, lawyers, teachers, and doctors. Blue-collar jobs, which are characterized by manual labor and non-management positions are frequently contrasted with white-collar jobs by people.

People having a white-collar job might have obtained his position through a more stringent hiring process. And, for this reason, it is arduous to fire them. The position of a white-collar employee holds much more stability since administrative work needs specific skills.

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source- timesjobs

Top 7 Best-Paying White Collar Jobs

Here we provide you with all the greatest jobs you could have.

Physician and Surgeon

In today’s career, there are several types of physicians and surgeons, from general physicians to highly specialized neurosurgeons. The professionals work with patients to provide and help them maintain their health, diagnose illnesses, and provide better treatment.

source- physicians weekly

To continue a career as a surgeon and physician, you will need to attend a 4-year medical academy. And then complete a residency program that aligns with your specific interests. Salaries of a physician and surgeon might vary depending on the speciality. The minimum annual salary for all of them is pretty decent. Thus making it one of the best-paying white-collar jobs.


Lawyers help clients with legal suggestions and provide them navigate various legal issues, from lawsuits to wills. They work in a specific aspect of the law, like family law, tax law, or intellectual property. Lawyers usually conduct their work from courtrooms, offices, or locations where they meet their clients.

source- oxibridge academy

These all are white-collar settings. Lawyers typically make a median salary of $118,162. However, the top 10% of lawyers earn more than the mentioned number. To work as a lawyer, one needs to attend law school and clear the state bar examination.

Financial Manager

A financial manager takes care of all aspects of an organization or corporation that deals with money. The typical duties include reviewing financial documents, monitoring budgets, keeping track of other financial staff members, and providing financial guidance to other organization executives.

These white-collar employees work from an office and make a decent yearly salary of $121,751. To work as a business manager, you will require a relevant bachelor’s degree with a minimum of five years of work experience.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are a prominent part of an organization. As they are responsible for figuring out how much demand exists in the market for the product and service they are producing. This job includes figuring out the best marketing strategies and policies, the price of each product or services, and even managing staff.

source- stratagon

These managers work in the marketing offices of organizations. And making it a high paying white-collar job. Marketing managers typically have a relevant bachelor’s degree in an area like marketing or promotions.

Computer and Information Systems Manager

As a computer and information systems manager, employees are responsible for directing all of the computing and technology-related activities within an organization. This includes making sure current equipment is up-to-date. Develop departmental goals, determine when upgrades are needed. And aligning with other organizations managers to share information.


Individuals in this white-collar job make a minimum salary of $135,820. To have a career as a computer and information systems manager, you will need to have a relevant bachelor’s degree in a related field along with work experience.

Chief Executive Officer

Chief executive officers are mostly the head manager of a business or a company they work for. Their responsibilities and duties may vary. They are responsible for making sure the company meets its set goals. And communicates with the board of directors.

These professionals usually work from offices, and their salaries can be varied by industry. Chief executive officers need a bachelor’s degree or a post-graduate MBA degree. Work experience might be an add-on.

Graphic designers

To be a graphic designer, one needs to be creative and needs to think out of the box. Graphic designers create visual images with the aid of different computer software to communicate ideas. They are responsible for the magazines, layout, and design for websites, brochures, advertisements, and organization reports.

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To become a graphic designer, one needs to have a bachelor’s degree or diploma in graphic designing. They can earn more by moving on to a more senior level or directing an art department.

These are the top white-collar jobs we have noticed recently. What changes are rocking your feed? I’d like to hear all about them in the comments!

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