Why advertise? Imagine that you own a cake shop. It has the best cakes in the neighborhood. You always have customers at the counter. You are satisfied with your profits. A year passes, and things are the same. Another year and everything is still the same. Will you still be satisfied? Your business will be doing enough but will be stagnant. How many of the same people will keep coming back to you? Still, this is our best-case scenario. Some businesses are not even doing well to remain satisfied with their position.

This is the answer to your why advertise question. Advertising is aiming to remove your fat business from the couch and onto the playing field. It will increase your reach, target more people, increase sales, and so much more. If you think you do not need advertising, you are kidding your self. If you do not advertise, someone who is will take over — still wondering why advertise? Here are a few reasons for convincing you that you need advertising.

So Why Advertise?

Here are some of major reasons as to why advertise to help grow your business. Do the hard work and let ads be your soldier.

Target Audience

The most important problem that every business faces know whether the target audience knows about that they exist. Does the baker know about your cooking supplies shop? Does the doctor know about your pharmacy? The salon know about your cosmetics shop? Does the college crowd know about your stationery mall? Does the bookworm know about your book store? Do the pet owners know about your pet shop? Advertising allows you to single out your target audience. It will make your content the right people so that the right audience will be directed towards you. So that is why advertise.

Competition is Doing It 

Why advertise? Advertise because your competition is doing it. If you do not have the motivation to beat your competitor, then you will not survive. Even if you do not want to beat them, they sure do. Which is why they will make sure that you do not survive. If they are advertising and you are not, they are deriving benefits that you are.

That is already placing them at a higher pedestal. They will end up taking your costumers from you because they will be flashing their products and services in the consumers’ faces, and you will be not. So that is why advertise.

Adds Credibility 

All consumers want to rely on credible sellers only. Every consumer is constantly testing how credible you are. Think of yourself when you visit a new store for the first time. You are trying to find faults and loopholes in their business. Your consumers are waiting for you to slip too. Advertising lowers their cat-eye vision.

They familiarise themselves with your company and hence lower their guards. It then becomes a tendency to associate your business with the product itself. Consumers have this tendency to believe that if a company is advertising, it must be doing well. If they have money to advertise, then they must be selling well. So that is why advertise.  

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Create Awareness 

Along with being credible, you must aim to spread awareness about your product or services too. Putting goos content on platforms that are reachable to the consumers attracts great attention. Put your quality content to make your existing consumers aware but also to draw more and new costumers to you. For this, it is necessary that your content is found. Advertising will make being found easier. Consumers will not have to keep searching if they know where to find you. So that is why advertise.


Advertisements tend to amplify everything. Creating awareness about one thing leads to more awareness about the rest. As you draw a consumer towards your content with one aspect, they will end up reading other things that are there. This will create awareness about other things too. Hence, using one trick, you will end up a lot of content. Advertisements are also used as a pride certificate for people associated with the business. It becomes a badge to show and hence draw more attention. So that is why you advertise.

More Business 

Advertise because there is always more business to gain. As long as you are indulging in production, there will be people to pay, investments to be made, and overheads to be paid. Basically, the production cost is always going to be there. If you are gaining twenty percent profits on it now, there will always be scope to get it to twenty-five percent and so on. Advertising can help you maintain that climb up on the slope. So that is why advertise. 

Positive Image 

Advertising can help you propagate the positive image that your company has. Today, the market has become shrewd and competitive. News and gossip travel fast. Your competitors are waiting to feed on your negative impact. Advertising can help you strike out the negative impact on your company.

If someone is playing dirty tricks, advertising can minimize the damage. It can correct the misplaced image of the company if it ever happens so. So that is why advertise.

Sell More 

The aim of everything in business is to earn more profits. Advertisements are there precisely just for that. Advertisements will be made with the objective of increasing sales. Do not believe this just because someone says so. Take a look at statistics. All companies that advertise earn more sales. It is one of the golden rules of business. Advertise more, earn more. Our businessmen have made a trial and error judgment and proved that advertising works. So that is why advertise. 


You are still wondering why advertise? I know that you are not. By now, the question as to why advertising has been answered. Now that you have a good idea about what advertising can do, get to it. Set out in the race where advertising is equivalent to super speed. Advertising is like a cheat method to over taking all your competition. Here is to hoping that you are all set to go on an advertising expedition. Happy advertising! 

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