Why Are Business Videos Useful? Completely Explained

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The recent era has witnessed the revolution of the use of videos in every business and has validated reasons. If you are not in the game than buck up! Study proves that 82% of businesses will start using video mechanism for their business. You should know why are business videos useful for each business.

Videos are the fuel to the fast-paced online world. People will definitely prefer a 90-second video over reading a write up for 15 minutes. Video marketing and strategizing are essential to each business now more than ever.

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68% of consumers will watch your videos but will not have the time to read and understand your product. If you can reach to your customer easily and better with an explainer video than do it. Considering the time constraint and rigorous changing patterns of the lifestyle of consumers, only videos can create a memorable impact on your customers about your business.

Why are videos beneficial?

Videos are engaging and have the power to increase the conversion rates of your website. Moreover, videos influence the thinking and buying behaviour of customers and increase the leads by 80%. With the right concept, characters, emotion and execution each business will incur a huge response from the market.

Nevertheless, videos bridge the gap between consumer trust and brand security within a span of less than a minute. If the customer can relate to the video than he/she will definitely try and recommend your brand. Videos increase the rate of social shares, one impressed customer can share your video to hundreds of followers by just sharing a story. If this is the power, unleash the video power for your business.

Videos spoil you for options to reach out to people. There are numerous ways to mould a video and make it the best for your brand and business type. Contemplating what right for you and what is not is a task because ideas and creativity know no borders. You can use explainer videos, testimonial videos, promotional videos and podcast videos to reach people adhering to your requirement and market need.

A little study and a minimal investment is your key to ace the battle and reach out to all your potential customers in a click. DPB Adobe has proved that chances of customers buying your product increase by 1.81% after watching your demo video about your business. By adding a video to your page, you increase visitor’s time on your page and this is directly proportional to the hike in customer engagement.

An Introduction to Business Video

In simple terms, a Business video is used to increase brand awareness. Any video produces by a company is known as a business video. Each video is produced through a specific process.

Business videos have helped startups or established businesses to reach a qualitative number of people. With the spread of smartphones and the internet, nobody can deny the power a video will provide to businesses.

A simple video gives a greater insight into the product to your audience. You can make videos with different ideas and concepts that will attract your target audience. With the right use of videos, businesses will never divert or lose interested customers and determine to intensify their interest in your own business or product.

Wondering how to make a business video? It is very easy and anybody can benefit from it.

Let us walk you through the production of a business video.


When the company decides to produce and publish a business video, the first step is pre-production. In the process of pre-production, a team brainstorms together about the details of the video. Each aspect of the video have to thought and worked upon. To produce a good video you should be well-versed with the aspects of a business video.

  • Concept
  • Characters
  • Actors
  • Location
  • Budget
  • Animation & VFX (if needed)
  • Camera/ Mobile
  • Cameraman

Many more.

All these aspects have to thought through to build the video on a strong foundation.


The process of shooting a video is the production of the business video. The crew has to shoot the video according to the decided concept and story. If it is a video to make people aware of the perks of your workplace, the team has to take excellent shots of the workplace and make sure that people are interested after watching the video.


Each video needs editing before it is sent out on any platforms. You can edit the video yourself or send it to a good editor. During the edit, one has to focus on the time limit provided by each social media platform and the screen frame. If the video exceeds the screen frame then most of the video frames will be trimmed to fit into the algorithm of the social media platform.

Why Are Business Videos Useful For Your Business

Business videos are not only exceptionally great at attracting attention which definitely boosts the sales and marketing but also adds to the brand value. The youth and modern attention are practically pulled towards videos than text. People want more and more videos because it is easy to understand about the product through the audio-visual effect. Only text cannot hold the attention of customers for long.

You can be on Youtube

With the production of videos, you can be on the world’s second-largest search engine – Youtube. In 2020, if anyone needs to know about anything in detail he/she will just type in on youtube and there will be numerous explainer videos to help the customers. Why not be the best amongst them? Hence, if you produce engaging videos and content more people will be interested. This will surely make you believe why are business videos useful.

Search Engines Love Videos

The chances of being featured in the top Google searches increase up to 53% if you have a video on your website. All the customers will want to see an interesting video than long written blogs. Search engines are working to enhance user experience and give them relevant and valuable search results. Search engines have modified their algorithm to give video-based results combined with text. This proves that having a video on your website is mandatory to have an impact on the search engines.

Mobile Users prefer Videos

Everyone in the world right now owns a smartphone. Apart from work, they surf the internet and scroll through social media sites. And guess what do they love doing? Watching videos is their favourite break and stress buster. About 93% of smartphone users watch at least two videos per day. Why not make the best of this? You can magnify your visibility with the use of videos.

Unimaginable Social Media Reach

People watch videos on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Study proves that video reach has boomed on social media in the past few years. If you produce an engaging funny video or a touching emotional video with your brand awareness then people will share it even if they are not interested in the product. This elevates the audience reach and more and more people are aware of your product. The power videos can give every business owner is undeniable.

Security and Trust

Consumers feel more secure while watching a video because it builds a sense of trust with the brand. Videos are more transparent and attract more business than any form of sales and advertising. The average conversion rate if you have a video on your website is 4.8%. What better than this? When shopping online 64% people prefer a brand that has video than a brand that does not. People complete their research for products after watching a few videos. Hence, intensify your sales with the use of impeccable business videos. Work and understand why are business videos useful for your business.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Most of the business owners will question the return on the video investment. Well, a study proves that owners that have used videos to establish business have aced the market faster than who did not. Currently, more than 52% of business owners recommend videos because the ROI on videos is unbelievable.


Ad Recall

Ad Recall – people who remember about your product after watching the video is much more than people reading the normal text websites provide. The impact a video creates on people’s mind is unmatched and the online era demands for videos because it is easy to access and easy to remember.

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I hope by now you have understood why are business videos useful to expand your business.