Top 9 Wittiest and Smartest Answers to Why Should We Hire You?

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During the interview procedure, the most frequent question that you will be asked to answer is, “Why should we hire you?” At this time, you need to continue with care and caution. As you are comparing yourself to other applicants and trying to set yourself apart from these unknown personas without seeming too boastful. You don’t want to speculate derailing the interview method by talking too much and sounding like a show-off.

You may find it difficult to come up with a suitable answer. On the surface, it sounds like the recruiter wants you to explain the fit between your abilities and the job demands. However, there is more to this interview topic that meets the eye.

The standard question, “Why should we hire you?” is asked to know the caliber, aiming to minimize the probability of hiring someone who is not suited for the job. You may also view steering the recruiter towards that right end. Describe your qualifications and capabilities and highlight a benefit you can add to the organization.

Interviewing is an art form. You can memorize a usual script as it does not serve you. Here is an explanation for building your answer to the tricky question.

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Why should we hire you? Answers Explained.

Here are some of the best reasons you could use to answer.

Understand the Problematic Question

Even if you have completed all the research about the organization, you will probably never know how you stack up against other applicants. Depending on the openness of the recruiter, you may or may not have real insight into the problems that the organization is handling. As a conclusion, it is difficult to be particular about why you are a better fit than other competitors. Hence, it would help if you are true to them.


“Sir, this is a completed question, as I have not met the other applicants. So, it is challenging to compare me with others.

However, with my discussion with you, I am starting to get a better sense of the problems your teammate’s faces, and I am surely capable of helping you.

Fit Between your Qualifications and the Job Role

Applicants usually make the blunder of going into particular detail. Remember that the recruiting manager has your curriculum vitae and cover letter. If you have done a significant job role on those, they already can confirm whether you qualify for the position. If you did not pass the initial interview process, you would not have received an offer to come for an interview.

Answer “Why should we hire you?” question by asking the mutual advantage that would appear from the hiring determination.

Speak to your Capability and Enthusiasm to Learn Fast

With every company, you will have a different opportunity as every company is a little different. There are modern ways to learn, different plan and to follow different protocols, and a unique mix of individuals to work with. Address your capability to hit the ground running, and learn instantly when you answer this common job interview question.

Redirect and Ask the Hiring Manager A Question

Always use what you know, offer research, and turn the matter back to the recruiting. This approach is related to the Aikido technique of using the recruiting force and momentum against him. You can take a little training – yet the powerful result is worth it.

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Describe You are Pleasant and Likable

In my experience, recruiting managers choose applicants that they like and belief.

Position yourself as friendly and polite, both through your attitude in the interview process and in response to behavioral questions.

Keep Your Response Brief and Centered

You want your answer to be short. Select two or three specific points from the file you created to highlight in your interview pitch. If you are not confident about which to include, take a look at the job role and then use your analytical skills to determine which qualifications would add the highest business value.

Don’t Make It About You

The recruiting manager is looking for what you can contribute to the organization, not what the company can do for you. Concentrate on your fundamental strengths and eligibility for the job, rather than on what you are looking for in your next role.

Don’t Give A Memorized Response

You don’t have to memorize the answer to get selected. You instead can say a usual thing and answer it based on how the interview is progressing. For example, if the hiring manager implies that another quality or skill is more critical to the company, then you should be sure to work that into your response.

Admit That You Made Mistakes Earlier

A lot of them! Thankfully we all have made those mistakes in the past with other companies and learned a lot from them. We all learn from our mistakes and can take lessons from them, I’ve made in the past so that your company doesn’t get burned. Experiences are worth their weight in gold.

You can hire me because I’m one of the few individuals that aren’t here to just pass the time and collect a salary. Hire me because I would give my 100% to your business. Moreover, hire me because I believe in you and your company enough to invest the most significant resource I have, my time, in helping grow it.

To put it quickly, hire me because of who I am and what I can do, not because of some skill and ability that I or someone else has that may be relevant today and gone tomorrow.

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