Zomato, the rock-solid global food delivery tycoon, is working to meet the needs of the lockdown India. With the app currently existing in 24 countries, the company has not stopped surprising people all around the world with its innovative marketing strategies amid a pandemic. From delivering food to essentials commodities and now making sure the Indian consumer gets alcohol at his doorstep, this brand has been unrestrainable in its extraordinary service.

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Zomato smartly alters the marketing approach and not shrink its customer base under any situation. Catering to the public demands and reaching out to the needy is non-negotiable for this credible brand. Even after 12 years into the business, Zomato shapes its marketing model according to the situation and this has proved beneficial, making it distinctive among competitors.

How is Zomato working under the COVID-19 pandemic?

Without any doubt, Zomato is doing an excellent job of shaping its uniqueness as well as logistics. Governments of most countries declared a complete lockdown starting mid-February, 2020. This made it exceptionally difficult for people to access food and essential items. Zomato jumped to the opportunity and branched into grocery delivery along with the patent food delivery. 

The social media handles of Zomato are constantly educating people on the COVID-19 advancements and the precautions. The blend of quirky and fun content has been a source of entertainment working wonders for the brand with huge social engagement.

The brand is successfully helping the needy during the crisis. As well as that, Zomato took rightful decisions to provide assistance to the daily wagers, migrant workers, riders, customers, partners, etc in versatile forms. 

Societal Measures by Zomato

  • Contactless food and grocery delivery
  • Distribution of face masks for underprivileged
  • Ration kits were given away to more than a million
  • Zomato Gold extension for 2 months at zero price
  • Rider relief fund for the delivery employees and partners
  • Zomato delivering alcohol during the lockdown

Without any doubt, this shows that Zomato has been operating on cause marketing.

What is Cause Marketing?

Cause marketing is an amalgamation of generating profits and adding value to society. The main aim is to uplift the society in times of crisis and cater according to the norms.

You buy. We’ll give.

When people buy from brands exercising cause marketing, a part of the profits are used to help the needy. In this process, both the organization and the society are taken into consideration and the result profits both. The mutual benefit of the profitable organization and the downfall of human life is the base of cause marketing.

Why Is Zomato delivering alcohol during the lockdown?

The government of India started liquor sales on 4th May 2020. The entire country witnessed queues extending to a few kilometers outside the alcohol shops. There was a visible violation of social distancing in many parts of the country. Furthermore, there was a slight increase in positive cases post such incidents. Hence, Zomato took a call to deliver alcohol to curb the stress built at the liquor stores.

Zomato’s CEO of food delivery, Mohit Gupta wrote to the International Spirits and Wine Association of India ISWAI to start technology-enabled home delivery of alcohol. The news was seen in Reuters. There is no comment from Zomato or the government of India on approval of this request. But sooner or later, your alcohol will be delivered at your doorstep as the government is considering the call.

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To actively participate in the rebirth of the Indian economy, Zomato is also delivering alcohol during the lockdown.

Exclusive From Zomato’s Twitter

The audience experience is of utmost importance for Zomato. The content is light-hearted yet interesting to increase user engagement. Besides, the fresh and funny content that still revolves around the global crisis and their business model is visible on their page.

For example,

  • Explain your cooking skills with a song
  • If 2020 was a dish, what would it be?
  • The short form of Monday Motivation is Momo.

Furthermore, the brand also posts updates about their progress in providing support to people during the quarantine. They also share new partnerships and appreciate existing partners for being active in an event of a global crisis.

For example,

  • Agriculture Department of Madhya Pradesh partners with Zomato to provide quality vegetables and fruits to their consumers.
  • We provided food to around 10000 families via @FeedingIndia.
  • In the last 12 days, we have raised Rs. 1.4 cr through 14500+ contributors. A big thanks to all the generous contributions to help the restaurant workers affected by the lockdown.


The consistent evolution of Zomato in connecting with the Indian audience thereby making sure the brand is acing towards its Corporate Social Responsibility defines its true essence. Undoubtedly, the flexibility is modifying the long term strategic goals as also keeping the morale of its stakeholders high in times of extreme economic downfall does define a steady global player. 

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